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Featured Work View Resume Keith Jensen is a sales & marketing executive with 15+ years of experience helping private equity-backed companies reach aggressive growth goals.
Keith Jensen

Private Equity Executive

As the Chief Marketing Officer for a leading private equity firm, I oversaw sales & marketing teams and initiatives across multiple portfolio companies ranging from start-ups to healthcare providers with nearly 250 locations. Now, I consult with various private equity firms to help their portfolio companies grow as quickly as possible.
Keith Jensen
Chief Marketing Officer
Keith Jensen
Full-Service Sales & Marketing

I pride myself on providing everything from playbook creation & building KPI dashboards to analyzing data and creating graphic & video content.

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I’ve spoken and led thought-leadership groups at conferences such as PEI (Private Equity International), Ascend, Yext, and more. 

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Team Building & Culture

In addition to leading healthcare-focused ad agencies, I’ve built multiple in-house marketing teams focused on efficiency and fostering company culture.

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Teaching & Publications

After finishing my M.A., I taught at the University of Central Florida for 8 years & co-authored a marketing study published in the American Behavioral Scientist.

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Healthcare Marketing

Sharing the playbook

I've presented this information at multiple conferences covering everything from how to get digital assets to show up better in search engines to ways of driving patient growth, engagement, and retention.
  • SEO
  • SEM & Retargeting
  • Referral Strategies
  • Reputation Management
  • Patient Engagement
  • Reactivating Patients
Healthcare Marketing


It's tough to boil down over 15 years of work into a few select projects. Schedule 30 minutes with me so I can show you how all of these services come together to help companies scale.
Featured Work
Featured Work
Here are a few projects that reflect the things I love most.
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Data Analytics & Sales
Data Analytics & Sales
Check out some examples of using marketing analytics, dashboards, and reports to drive growth through operational execution.
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Creative Services
Creative Services
View examples of video production, campaigns, photography, and more.
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Here are some of the brands I've worked closely with

I've been lucky to collaborate with amazing healthcare companies to drive patient acquisition, develop patient retention strategies, and build brand awareness. In addition, I've worked with many of these brands to create strategies for recruiting, building referral relationships, and landing M&A opportunities.

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