Three things I love

It's hard to boil down over 15 years of work to a few featured projects so below I tried to show a balance of what excites me the most: 1) using data to drive results; 2) fostering culture; and 3) getting creative.
You only improve what you measure

Driving ROI by Tracking Growth and Retention Opportunities (GRO)

The Problem

While serving as interim CMO at a portfolio company, we knew that our local teams should be “forward booking” – which means trying to book a patient’s next visit before leaving their current visit. Dentists do it very well and it is important when trying to drive repeat business from existing patients for things like annual wellness exams. However, getting our local physicians and support teams to convincingly suggest to patients that they should schedule their next appointment (even if it was 6 or 12 months away), was proving to be tough. To make things more tricky, the practice management system that the practice was using did not have a way of tracking forward bookings.

  • GRO %

The Strategy & Results

I built a dashboard to track this KPI that we called “Growth and Retention Opportunities” or “GRO.” We then began sending the daily and weekly results to local teams so they could see their GRO percentage along with everyone else’s. Friendly competition quickly kicked in and drove results and we were able to drastically increase our bookings. The graph above represents 3 of our locations that were booking 488 visits on the first week of tracking GRO. Three months later (even during COVID-19), bookings rose by 27% to 621 weekly bookings. This strategy was completely free and allowed us to break through the analytical shortcomings of our practice management system.

Within 3 months we were forward booking 7 out of every 10 patients on the schedule compared to only 1 of 10 when we started.


Weekly Bookings Before


Weekly Bookings After


Change in 3 Months

Culture & team building in multi-location businesses

When I became VP of Sales and Marketing at Ivy Rehab, the company had 35 locations and only one brand. We knew that if we met our ambitious growth goals we’d need a way to bring everyone together even if they were far away.

We implemented Workplace by Facebook to foster culture as we grew. Now, Ivy Rehab has nearly 250 locations, 20 brands, and one of the best company cultures I’ve ever seen – especially in a business where offices are spread across the country.

Click the play button for a video I made to drive adoption of this new technology.



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AposTherapy Campaign

Generating patient demand and physician referrals

While overseeing the U.S. launch of AposTherapy, a biomechanical device for knee hip and low back pain, I created various campaigns to drive patient awareness and referrals from providers.

We worked closely with major hospital systems like Mount Sinai, Monefiore, and NYC Elmhurst to develop co-branded materials and videos. A key component to driving referrals were our video brochures, seen here, which were personalized for each hospital system.

Interior Design

Putting culture on the walls

I've built-out and designed offices at just about every company I've worked with - but the PUP office takes the cake. As a rapidly-growing Medicare Advantage Plan, we needed to expand quickly - and our CEO was all about culture. We built custom ``tour stops`` and put real photos of our Medicare Advantage Plan members everywhere. The office was over 100,000 sq. ft. and didn't have one stock photo. Pretty amazing.
Scaling Efficiently

Automating the process of ordering marketing materials

As multi-location healthcare businesses grow, management of marketing materials becomes more complex. What started as a handful of standard brochures becomes a catalog of custom pieces - all of which need contact info for one or more local offices. Rather than scaling up the internal marketing team or beefing up agency budgets to create all these materials, the ideal solution is to create a customizable online ordering system. I've built these systems for a handful of companies and the results are incredible. Not only can individual office managers or sales team members order their own materials, but the company can save money by consolidating print vendors and leveraging economies of scale. Not to mention the amount of hours your internal marketing team gets back to spend on more important, revenue-driving initiatives. It's a win all around.